Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please no more forced writing.
We all watched it.
We new that it would happen.
Then it flew far off  


  1. But, forced writing is as much fun as spelling!

  2. Forced writing is like working out... It is painful when you are doing it but once you are done it is worth it. To bad forced writing does not produce endorphin.

  3. Have to agree with Bryce here, but think about how it doesn't have to be painful. Working out can even be fun beyond the utility of building a sound body. Think about how we talk about working out with friends and listening to music, etc. when working out and how there may be some analog to find in writing. Like getting feedback from comments like this and how exciting it is to have others reflect on your work or how it can be validating to have your writing affect the lives of others or how your writing might be a great outlet to relive the natural tensions ones feels as they experience their life :-) Your a great person Tristan! Think about it....you have changed my life just reading what you have written here in this blog.