Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The General

Richmond, Savannah and Charleston where the only things holding the confederation together. Richmond being the confederate capital, Savannah and Charleston the only ports left to the south. Taking them was key to eradicating this rebellion. When all three had fallen into union hands, though most of the citizens had evacuated, the remaining rebellion army numbering around 50 thousand was on the run, with Grant close behind them. The whole chase was more of a non-stop battle, with small but destructive engagements constantly happening. “I saw a young lad running full sprint after the retreating army. And I asked him, why are you running, and he replied, because I cant fly,” said Ulysses S Grant. Finally, with the help of the army of the James, Grant managed to surround Lee. Lee had no choice, he slowly wrote a letter, and with much grief in his eyes sent it the union line under a white flag. When grant opened the letter he simply handed it to the man next to him. who in turn read “General Lee will surrender.” They’re where no cry’s of joy, no cheers of victory, only sullen silence, and men weeping of both relief and sorrow.  They set a place to meet at a near by farmhouse.  Lee arrived first wearing his last clean uniform; one mane said that this was general lee’s finest hour. In comparison Grant was dressed in a dirty uniform and came from the field, but the fire in his eyes was indistinguishable. They shook hands as if they where old friend’s. After the terms of surrender where set, Lee slowly and somberly rode back towards his battered army. Some of the soldiers gave him a solemn goodbye; those lost to wards simply ran their hands across his horse.

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