Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Brother...

Little Brother

Marcus and his friends are skipping school and going to a gaming event that they have been waiting on for weeks.  When there is a freakish explosion and a loud speaker screaming, “get to shelter”. Marcus and his friends join the crowds of people running for the Bart tunnel. They realize that they’ll never make it through the crowds and decide to head back up to the surface. Suddenly their friend Darryl falls down with blood welling from his side, it looks like he’s been stabbed.  Then an army like vehicle pulls up, puts bags over there heads and roughly throws them in the truck. Marcus has no idea who has captured him and they’re asking a lot of questions. Finally he realizes that there U.S army or something like that. They ask him to unlock his phone for them and decrypt the files. He refuses, so they leave him in a cell for two days. Finally he agrees to unlock his phone,  slowly as he reveals more info he is given more freedom. And then is finally released. After his time on prison Marcus is determined  to get back at the government and regain his sense of freedom

Marcus is one of those guys who likes his space. He dislikes authority figure and is always looking for a way around things. Yes he hacks and mods things illegally but that does not make him a bad guy. He just wants to be able to do something without the entire world knowing about it.  Passwords are your privacy. There something you just don’t tell anyone unless you absolutely trust them.  By giving up his password Marcus was giving up his privacy.  It also gives the person you gave it to power over you.   

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